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A Path Forward

Governor Lamont’s primary objective is to get Connecticut’s economy growing again – focusing on extending opportunity for those left behind, providing long-term solutions to fix the budget, and attracting the next generation of talent to Connecticut.


To get Connecticut growing again, we have to get Connecticut moving again. In order to encourage economic growth that works for everyone, we need a modernized and efficient transportation system.

2019 Legislative Proposals

These initiatives focus on structural reforms, creating an efficient government, ensuring every child has a great education, partnering with the business community to promote growth, and supporting working families.

About Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont is the first Connecticut Governor in 80 years to get his start as a businessman and job creator. When he and wife Annie moved to Connecticut in their twenties, they felt like they'd hit the jackpot. With both practical business experience and first-hand knowledge of what it takes to raise a family here, Lamont is committed to giving all Connecticut residents—both current and prospective—the same feeling.

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