Governor Malloy's 2017 Legislative Proposals


“Together let’s ensure that all Connecticut communities see their fair share of success.  Let’s give taxpayers, communities, and businesses more predictability and more sustainability.  Let’s have the courage to collectively tackle the challenge of inequity in town aid.  Let’s do it so that ten years from now, no Connecticut city or town needs to levy a mil rate of 35 or more.  As we negotiate this budget, we should remember that we are in this together.  It’s about more than just how my town or my community or my family did.  It’s also about neighboring towns, neighboring communities, and neighboring families, as well.  We will rise or fall together, as one Connecticut.  And working together, I know we will prevail.”

–Governor Malloy

Governor's Fiscal Year 2018/2019 proposed budget


Press releases on the Governor's 2017 legislative proposals