Understanding and Implementing the Multi Stress Creep Recovery Test

A NEAUPG-sponsored  Workshop and Webcast

Hosted by the ConnDOT’s Division of Research on September 22, 2009

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James Sime- ConnDOT

Manager of Research

1 minute

2.  Acknowledgements

Jim Mahoney-

UConn Cap Lab

55 seconds

  3.   Introductions

James Sime-ConnDOT

James Dunne-NEAUPG   


1m 04sec

4.   Background

a. High temperature performance of Asphalt

b.  Rational for G*/sind

c.  Shortcomings of G*/sind for a high temp. spec.

d.  PG Plus Tests for Polymers

e.  Need for a more rational high temp. parameter

Mike Anderson-Asphalt Institute

57 m 51sec

5. MSCR-Development and Justification

a. What does the test tell us about binders

b.  How does MSCR relate to rutting

c.  How does MSCR relate to polymer  mod.

John D’Angelo

Asphalt Consultant

1 hr 33m 05sec

6. MSCR:Basics

a.  How is it performed AASHTO TP70

b.  Specific test conditions temp. and stress

c.  AASHTO M320 Table 3

d.  MSCR % Recover how is it used

John D’Angelo

Asphalt Consultant

37m 50sec

7.Testing Considerations

a.  Repeatability and reproducibility

b.  Handling of asphalt binders

c.  DSR testing procedures

Mike Anderson-

Asphalt Institute

39m 04 sec

8.  Questions and Answers


19m 56sec

9.  Closing Remarks

James Dunne-NEAUPG

2m 14sec