The Study on Strategies for Evaluating the Effectiveness of
Programs and Resources for Assuring Connecticut's Skilled Workforce
Meets the Needs of Business and Industry Today and in the Future
February 08, 2012  ConnDOT Central Lab, 280 West St. Rocky Hill CT

1.      Introductory Remarks (video duration 5:53)

         Richard H. Strauss, Executive Director, CASE

2A.  Guest Speaker (video duration 54:04)

      Bruce Vandal, Director, Postsecondary Education and     

         Workforce Development

         Education Commission of the States

·         REPORT: Revving the Education Engine: Effectively Aligning Education, Workforce and Economic Development Policy, 2009

(Developed with support of the Knowledge Works Foundation)

2B.    Discussion after Bruce's Presentation (video duration 17:57)

3A.    Alissa DeJonge, (video duration 8:02)

       CASE Study Manager and Director of Research, CERC


3B.   Michelle Riordan-Nold, (video duration 10:17)

       CASE Study Consultant and CERC Research Consultant

·         OVERVIEW OF: Alignment of Post Secondary Education and Employment -December 2009 (Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee, Connecticut General Assembly)

3C.   Group Discussion after Presentation (video duration 17:34)

4.      Resources for Research (video duration 22:25)

         Discussion to identify:

·         Individuals and organizations to contact for interviews

·         Guest speakers for committee meetings

·         Reports/papers for review

5.      Other Remarks and About the Next Meeting (video duration 2:28)