Consultant Bridge Design - CLE Program

Responsible for bridge design performed by consulting engineers on State roads, or State-owned rail lines, for bridges that are in need of rehabilitation or replacement. Supervises the bridge liaison staff that guides consultants designing improvements on State highways involving structures.  Oversees activities of municipalities under various federal and State grant programs that are designing or contracting with consultants to design bridge improvements on local roads.  Also responsible for developing alternative project delivery methods (Design-Build, Construction-Manager-At-Risk, Construction Manager/General Contractor).
Requests for additional information should be addressed to:
Derick Lessard, P.E.
Transportation Principal Engineer

Secretary: Ellen Kwolek

Major Programs Administered by Consultant Bridge Design
 Program Name Contact Contact Numbers
CLE "List" Bridge Program: CJM & BL Companies

Brianna Ritacco, P.E.

Susan Morneault

Lesgie Ruiz

(860) 594-3205

(860) 594-2447

(860) 594-3351

CLE "List" Bridge Program: CHA & GM2 Associates

Francisco Fadul, P.E.

Jonathan Kang, P.E.

Stephanie Maurer, P.E.

Isuf Vlashi, E.I.T.

(860) 594-2078

(860) 594-2754

(860) 594-3222

(860) 594-3389

Local Bridge Program (State and Federal)  Marc Byrnes, P.E. (860) 594-3489
State Local Bridge Program
Andrew Shields, E.I.T. (860) 594-2077
Federal Local Bridge Program

Michelle Rame

(860) 594-3319

Please be sure to visit the "Engineering and Construction Information Resources" webpage. Engineering and Construction Bulletins and Directives, various manuals (including the Bridge Design Manual, Consultant Design Administration Manual, and Local Bridge Program Manual), the Departments Standard Specifications, CE General Memoranda's and more can be accessed through this page.

For more consultant reference materials, please visit the Division of Highway Design.

For information on bridge design by State staff (in-house) and Bridge publications (including manual and guide sheets), please see State Bridge Design
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