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Unemployment Rate Falls to 3.7%; State Adds 6,500 Jobs; June Jobs Numbers Revised Up

(Wethersfield, CT) – Today, Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) Commissioner Danté Bartolomeo released July labor market data showing strong gains across many sectors of the economy. The unemployment rate, on a downward trajectory for more than a year, dropped another 0.3% to 3.7%. Employers added an estimated 6,500 jobs in July and June job growth was revised up by 1,300 to 3,000.

Commissioner Bartolomeo said, “Connecticut’s unemployment rate is now at historic lows. This is continued good news for job seekers across every industry sector and every demographic. While state economists continue to be vigilant around the impact of energy costs and inflation, Connecticut is showing strong and steady month-overmonth progress both in pandemic recovery and outside of the market anomalies caused by the pandemic.”

CTDOL Director of Research Patrick Flaherty said, “Job gains in July were broad-based with notable increases in manufacturing, up 700, and construction, up 1,500. The warm weather last winter created a long construction season so that industry has now recovered 112% of the jobs lost during the pandemic. Additionally, the healthcare sector, which was hit hard throughout the pandemic by illness, burnout, and death, is also regaining jobs. These are good indicators for Connecticut’s economy and a strong overall report.”

With 120,000 jobs available in the state, CTDOL reminds residents that job search, resume, and training assistance is available free of charge at the state’s American Job Centers and urges job seekers, employers, and recruiters to register with CTHires, the state’s job bank.


• The private sector showed 2,600 added jobs in July across a wide range of industries; it is 88.3% recovered from the pandemic.
• Local government added 3,900 jobs; likely due to federal COVID funding that allows them to run summer programs.
• Construction is at 112% of pre-pandemic levels.
• Connecticut has 120,000 job openings that span a wide range of industries.
• The labor force is smaller than it was pre-pandemic due to a wide variety of issues including retirements, daycare issues making it difficult for women to re-engage in the job market; and people creating start-ups and new businesses instead of returning to the workforce as employees.


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