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CT Dept of Labor Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week and the 85th Anniversary of the National Apprenticeship Act

(Wethersfield, CT) – During Career Development Month, the Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL), in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor, recognizes November 14 -18, 2022 as National Apprenticeship Week and the 85th anniversary of the National Apprenticeship Act, a 1937 law that expanded training in the trades and now develops highly skilled employees in jobs across industry sectors. CTDOL is the state’s only federally authorized entity for Registered Apprenticeship Programs.

Governor Ned Lamont said, “A strong economy requires a talented workforce. Registered Apprenticeships help Connecticut grow our workforce pipeline, create stability for employers who can train workers for their specific needs, and open doors for young people in their fields of interest. Thanks to the state’s Office of Apprenticeship Training, we have more industry areas and more employers engaged than we did even a few years ago. Registered Apprenticeship Program growth is part of attracting and retaining good employers and workers in the state.”


U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said in a release, “National Apprenticeship Week reminds Americans of the tremendous benefits that Registered Apprenticeships provide to workers and employers. A long-honored approach to educating workers and preparing them for stable careers, today’s Registered Apprenticeships are being revitalized here in the U.S. as a proven strategy that equips workers – especially women and other underrepresented and underserved communities – with marketable skills sought in high-demand industries.”

CTDOL Commissioner Danté Bartolomeo said, “Registered Apprentices are at work in most industry sectors in Connecticut. For 85 years, thanks to strong educational partners and dedicated employers, Registered Apprenticeship Programs have been a path to good jobs with good salaries and the opportunity for advancement. I want to thank Secretary Walsh, Governor Lamont, and all our apprenticeship partners for their commitment to a strong, diverse workforce that ensures Connecticut can compete in the global economy.”


The CTDOL Office of Apprenticeship Training currently works with more than 6,700 apprentices through nearly 1,800 employers and educational institutions. Registered Apprenticeship Programs are available in industries throughout Connecticut including healthcare; building and construction; software development; licensed trades; and others. Apprentices master skills within 1-4 years through a combination of academics and on the job training. When they have completed their program, Registered Apprentices are credentialed and ready to take licensing exams if required by their trade.


CTDOL Director of the Office of Apprenticeship Training Todd Berch said, “Apprentices earn while they learn—they are on the job even when they are in the classroom, and that gives them both hands on and theoretical knowledge about their craft. Apprenticeships provide an incredible opportunity for students breaking into careers and for employers who are training the workforce for the jobs they have available now and in the future.”

Thousands of companies across Connecticut have benefited from a customized Registered Apprenticeship Program. These programs increase workforce recruitment and proficiency, help employers transfer occupational skills to a new generation of workers, and ensure succession planning.


Federal funding supports many CTDOL programs in whole or in part. For a complete list of projects and funding, visit our website.

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