Parole and Community Services

300 Sheldon Street
Hartford, CT 06106
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Director: Rhianna Gingras

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This division represents the consolidated community supervision and enforcement functions of the Department of Correction and the Board of Parole, which were combined in the fall of 2004 at the direction of the General Assembly. The Department of Correction is committed to utilizing this mechanism to support appropriate offenders in their return to law abiding society by providing a period of supervision in the community prior to the end of their sentence.  The Division operates under a Community Reintegration Model which supports the offenders successful reentry back into the community by setting expectations, assisting with the attainment of those goals, providing oversight to determine if expectations are being met and when necessary, removing the offender from the community when further confinement is warranted. 

Offenders within the Department of Correction may be placed in the community under the supervision of this Unit if they meet several specific criteria (Administrative Directive 9.2, Offender Classification) based on the nature of their offense, behavior while incarcerated, and length of time before the completion of their sentence. Offenders are also approved for community supervision under the discretionary powers and jurisdiction of the Board of Parole.  Offenders may be placed with an approved sponsor in the community under Transitional Supervision or in a halfway house bed.

The Division is based in field offices in Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, Waterbury and New London. The officers assigned to this Division monitor the offenders in the community to ensure compliance with their conditions of release. The officers verify employment, program attendance and curfew stipulations. The Division is empowered to return offenders who fail to comply to confinement in a correctional facility.

The Division utilizes specialized units, which oversee offenders with mental health issues and one which provides intensive supervision for sex offenders.   Parole officers who oversee sex offenders through the Special Management Unit are assigned the management of a reduced cases load that allows the enhanced oversight.  Through a unique collaboration, a Victim Advocate from the Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services works with the Special Management Unit.

The Division works in close conjunction with other law enforcement agencies in the oversight of offenders. Substance abuse treatment and domestic violence programming are provided to appropriate offenders under the supervision of this Division.

Administrative Directive Chapter 11 - Parole and Community Services

Directory of Contracted Community Programs

PO1- Hartford Parole and Community Services.

PO2-New Haven Parole and Community Services.

PO3- Bridgeport Parole and Community Services.

PO4- Waterbury Parole and Community Services.

PO5- Norwich/New London District Office

PO6- Special Parole

Central Intake Unit

Mental Health Unit

Residential Services Unit

Fugitive Investigation Unit

Special Managment Unit

Women's Reentry Unit

Training Unit

Support Services Unit