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Connecticut Department of Agriculture Seizes 65 Goats in Redding

(HARTFORD, CT) – On March 10, 2021, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture (DoAg), with the assistance of the Town of Redding and the Redding Police Department, executed a search and seizure warrant for goats located at 147 Cross Highway, Redding, CT. The department obtained custody of 65 surviving goats, which were transported to the Department of Agriculture’s rescue and rehabilitation facility located within the Department of Corrections’ facility in Niantic, CT.

Today the goats will be evaluated and treated by a licensed veterinarian and will remain in DoAg’s custody and care until the case is adjudicated in the court system.

Triggered by a complaint received in October 2020, the state Department of Agriculture’s Animal Control Unit and Town of Redding Animal Control officers met with the property owner, Nancy Burton, on numerous occasions to further assess and resolve the situation. Previous complaints about the same property date back to 2017 regarding roaming goats and the number of goats on the property.

Based on citizen complaints and surveillance that revealed animal welfare concerns, including mobility issues due to untrimmed hooves, excessive manure, lack of sufficient water, and structures in poor condition that did not provide adequate protection from the weather, the Department of Agriculture applied for, and was granted, a search and seizure warrant for the goats in question.

Removal of the animals is a last resort after attempting to work with the owner to voluntarily improve the standard of care. We appreciate the assistance and cooperation from the Town of Redding.