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Connecticut Department of Agriculture Announces Release of Connecticut Grown Magazine


The Connecticut Department of Agriculture (CT DoAg) announces the release of the fourth annual edition of Connecticut Grown, a guide to the state’s farms, food and markets. This edition reflects the resilience, strength, and innovation among Connecticut’s agricultural sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Throughout all of the challenges that 2020 presented – a global pandemic, invasive pests, and challenging weather including a tropical storm and severe drought – our agriculture and aquaculture businesses remained steadfast in their commitment to carry on the traditions of generations before them, while being nimble to enact change during these unprecedented times,” said Bryan P. Hurlburt, Agriculture Commissioner. “We are pleased to highlight in this edition some of the collaborations that took place to ensure the availability of a safe, abundant supply of agricultural products. The silver lining of 2020 was an increase in consumer demand and support for Connecticut Grown products and our farmers delivered in many ways.”


Contents of the magazine include an overview of the state’s food, farming, and agribusiness sectors, a glimpse at the leading ag products, and recipes to inspire creative cooking with Connecticut Grown foods. In addition, stories focus on efforts undertaken to help producers survive the severe disruptions to their markets, the formation of new partnerships to provide access to local food, and celebration of local food heroes who ensured the most vulnerable populations had food on their tables.  


Available in print and digital, Connecticut Grown is a collaboration between the state and Farm Flavor Media, a division of Journal Communications, Inc. The magazine will soon be available at farmers’ markets, farm stands and stores, and various other locations throughout the state. Consumers are encouraged to visit these locations to get their copy while shopping for Connecticut Grown products. For locations wishing to request copies for distribution, please click here. No public funds were used in the publishing of the magazine.