Shared Clean Energy Facility (SCEF)

A solar photovoltaic Shared Clean Energy Facility cannot be located, in whole or in part, on Prime Farmland, unless it adheres to the Dual Use Agrivoltaics requirements and the Bidder sufficiently demonstrates such in response to the following documents:

DOAG Agrivoltaics Requirements

DOAG Agrivoltaics Farm Plan

DOAG Requirements for Solar Grazing

DOAG will evaluate all Bids which are sited on farmland soils. Bidders must submit the information requested above to DEEP at on or before the Bid due date established by the EDCs in the applicable procurement. Following the submission of proposals, DOAG may request clarifications and additional information and documents from Bidders at any time during the evaluation process so long as such documents were available before the Bid deadline but were not provided due to a clerical or other error that can reasonably be demonstrated, at DOAG’s sole discretion. DOAG will provide all Bidders with a uniform amount of time to respond to any such requests by DOAG. Bidders who do not respond within such timeframe to the information requests or do not provide all required information may be eliminated from further consideration at DOAG’s sole discretion. DOAG will continue to assess the information required above and reserves the right to modify the requirements.