Southeastern Mental Health Authority
Client and Family Resources

Client Rights Officer

The Office of Client Rights and Grievances serves to protect the rights of people applying for or receiving services from a DMHAS-operated or DMHAS-funded mental health and addictions services provider.  The Office of Client Rights also assures that all people are respected and encouraged to exercise their rights.  Respect for and consideration of client rights improves the client-provider relationship thereby producing better client outcomes at SMHA. Contact Stephenie Guess, Client Rights Officer, at (860) 859-4769.

Transportation Information

SMHA is located at 401 W. Thames Street in Norwich and is served by the SEAT Bus Line. SMHA program staff assist clients with using public transportation and may provide transportation if necessary.

Family Support

SMHA is committed to educating and supporting families, caregivers, and significant others of individuals receiving our services. We are aware of the role and importance that family can play in the lives and recovery of the individuals that we serve, and strongly encourage clients to consider identifying and including their family support system/network in their treatment and recovery.

Consumer Satisfaction Survey

SMHA, and all other DMHAS facilities, conducts an annual Consumer Satisfaction Survey. The survey is one way in which we obtain valuable information about how we are doing.

The survey was designed to measure client satisfaction with services in the following areas:

  • Client satisfaction with services received.
  • Client perception of service accessibility.
  • Client perception of the quality and appropriateness of services.
  • Client perception of treatment outcomes as a result of receiving services.
  • Client perception of SMHA providing “recovery-oriented services.”

Results from the annual survey, combined with other feedback from individuals served and their families, are used to guide performance improvement efforts. For further information, please contact Tracey Edwards at .

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