Change the Script

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Change the Script is a statewide public awareness campaign to help communities deal with the prescription drug and opioids misuse crisis. It connects town leaders, healthcare professionals, treatment professionals and everyday people with the resources they need to face prescription opioid misuse - and write a new story about what we can accomplish when we all work toward a shared goal.

Below are ready-to-use materials for distribution at the state level arranged across the three main continuum areas. Hard copy versions can be obtained by contacting the Connecticut Clearinghouse at or 1-800-232-4424.
Prevention: These materials are intended to raise awareness of the risks of addiction to prescription opioids. Materials include:
Change the Script Campaign Poster
Treatment: These materials highlight the proven ways of treating prescription opioid problems. Materials include:
Change the Script Campaign Brochure
Recovery: These materials highlight resources in the community to help people establish and sustain lifelong recovery. They include:
Brochure Cover featuring an elderly woman
Customizable resources are also available for community providers. To access these resources, click here.