Community Support Program (CSP)

Contact:  Harry Gerowe, MS, LADC, CCDP, SCPG
Community Support Program (CSP) consists of mental health and substance use rehabilitation services and supports necessary to assist an individual in achieving and maintaining the highest degree of independent functioning. The service utilizes a team approach to provide intensive, rehabilitative community support, crisis intervention, individual, and group psycho-education and skill building for activities of daily living, peer support and self-management.

CSP includes a comprehensive array of rehabilitation services most of which are provided in non-office settings by a mobile staff. Services are focused on skill building with a goal of maximizing self-management skills and independence. Community-based treatment enables the team to become intimately familiar with the individual’s surroundings, strengths and challenges, and to assist the individual in learning skills applicable to his/her living environment. The team services and interventions are highly individualized and tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual.

CSP services focus on building and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with the individual while delivering rehabilitative, skill building interventions and activities, facilitating connections to the individual's community recovery supports,  providing access to a Certified Peer Support Specialist who is specially trained and can provide effective self-help strategies and expertise through their  lived experience, targeted case management (TCM) and emphasizing the individual's choices, goals and recovery path.


CSP Recovery Planning Refresher 10-29-20


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