Managed Services Division
Behavioral Health Recovery Program (BHRP)

Robert Haswell, Director (860) 418-6799
Mark Vanacore, LPC, NCC, (860) 418-6829

Customer Service Center - Basic Needs: 1 (800) 658-4472
Customer Service Center - Clinical Services: 1 (800) 606-3677

The DMHAS Behavioral Health Recovery Program is administered by the State of Connecticut to provide eligible participants with clinical and basic recovery support services. The program is for individuals who are determined eligible for Husky D (Medicaid for Low Income Adults) by the Department of Social Services and who meet other service eligibility criteria per Section 3 (Eligibility for Services) of the BHRP Policies. Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc. (ABH) serves as the Department’s Administrative Service Organization (ASO) for the BHRP. More BHRP resources are available on ABH’s website including program application materials and forms, provider roster, service specific information, etc.

Goals of the DMHAS Behavioral Health Recovery Program:

  • To facilitate the delivery and integration of high quality behavioral health treatment services to eligible individuals;
  • To provide timely access to all clinically necessary and appropriate behavioral health treatment services, consistent with DMHAS standards of care; and
  • To increase the self-sufficiency of eligible individuals through the coordination of behavioral health treatment and recovery support services.