Regional Behavioral Health Action Organizations (RBHAOs)



In order to maximize resources and improve integration related to mental health and substance use program planning, training, advocacy and resource development, DMHAS reorganized the Regional Mental Health Boards (RMHBs) and Regional Action Councils (RACs). In February 2018, five Regional Behavioral Health Action Organizations (RBHAOs) were awarded through a competitive Request for Proposal Process.
The RBHAOs will continue to perform the statutory functions of the RMHBs and the RACs as strategic community partners who will work across the behavioral healthcare continuum. Each RBHAO will be responsible for a range of planning, education, and advocacy of behavioral health needs and services for children and adults within one of DMHAS’ Uniform Regions.


  • Assess the behavioral health needs of children, adolescents and adults across the regions.
  • Develop Regional Priority Reports to highlight recommendations for prevention, treatment and recovery services (see below for regional reports)
  • Administer the Local Prevention Council (LPC) grants to municipalities to stimulate the development and implementation of prevention activities.
  • Build the capacity of local communities to understand and address problem gambling.
  • Raise awareness and provide advocacy to the general public related to mental health promotion, suicide prevention and response, and substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery.
  • Lead the Regional Suicide Advisory Boards that support the overall vision of the statewide CT Suicide Advisory Board, and provide the local and regional infrastructure for suicide prevention and response activities.
  • Leverage funds to support prevention, treatment and recovery activities across each region.
  • Maintain the statutory requirements for meetings and membership for the organization.
  • Serve on local, regional and statewide advisory and planning bodies.
  • Provide naloxone (Narcan) training and kit distribution to communities.
List of RBHAOs
Region 1: The Hub: Behavioral Health Action Organization for Southwestern CT, A Program of RYASAP, Janice Anderson
Region 3: SERAC, Angela Duhaime
Region 4: Amplify, Inc., Allyson Nadeau
Region 5: Western CT Coalition, Allison Fulton
2021 Regional Priority Reports
Region 3: SERAC
Region 4: Amplify, Inc.


2023 DMHAS Regional Prioritization and Reports 

DMHAS Regional Prioritization and Reports Presentation

Funding Period: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2024
For naloxone training and kit information, please contact your RBHAO directly as noted here.
For more information about the RBHAOs in general, please contact Andrea Duarte, Program Manager, DMHAS Prevention and Health Promotion Division at