Announcement From The Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DESPP/DEMHS) is conducting an initial damage assessment (IDA) for Tropical Storm Henri. DEMHS is gathering information to determine whether the indicators for any of the three federal programs can be met:  FEMA Public Assistance; FEMA Individual Assistance, and; Small Business Administration (both business and homeowner).  

Damage data collection forms for municipal/tribal costs, residential damages, and business damages directly resulting from this event are located. Please use these forms to document all damages/costs incurred.    

Please do not email damage sheets to DEMHS at this time. Once forms are completed, upload the damage sheets into the new DEMHS Damage Assessment Portal, located at the following link.

  • DEMHS Damage Assessment Portal - no longer accepting damage data

Damage data collection forms and other documentation should be submitted using the new Portal  by Thursday, September 9th. 

Below please find required forms to complete and submit the damage assessment for Tropical Storm Henri:
  • Municipal/Tribal - Public Assistance: Public Assistance-Municipal-Tribal Damage Inventory
    • Please note: insurance coverage, where applicable, should be estimated and reported. 
    • Pictures (with GPS coordinates or street addresses embedded on photos) should be included. Photos should be combined into a single PDF file when submitted.
    • Straight time, as well as overtime hours, for debris removal, should be reported.
  • Residential-Business Form:  Residential –Business Damage Inventory
    • To document the location and level of uninsured damage to residences and businesses
    • Definitions of FEMA’s Damage Categories:
      • Affected, Minor, Major and Destroyed are included in the spreadsheet.
      • Photos are needed to verify the level of damage.
      • Contact information for homeowners, renters and businesses is needed to verify insurance.
Below please find other helpful documentation 
  • Current FY 2021 Damage Thresholds:
    • Included is a copy of the Federal Fiscal Year 2021 FEMA damage indicators. It is important to include as much documentation of damages incurred as possible. This would include any photos, especially with a camera with GPS coordinates, and accurate dimensions and descriptions of damages along with estimates of costs to return facilities to pre-disaster condition.
    • Please note: in order to request a Joint Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) for public assistance, damage estimates should be approaching both the state and individual county numbers.

Two other important points:

  1. FEMA has indicated that straight time for debris removal is an eligible cost, not just overtime.  Please include those costs in the initial damage assessment. 
  2. Please include estimates for damages to roads, sidewalks, bridges, culverts and other infrastructure under Category C.  

Questions on municipal/tribal damages and costs (Public Assistance) can be directed to Dana Conover, Recovery Unit Supervisor at (860) 883-3904.

Questions on residential/business damages (Individual Assistance/Small Business Administration Disaster Loans) can be directed to Rita Stewart, Individual Assistance Officer at (860) 883-5004.