Region 3 REPT


The Regional Emergency Planning Team (REPT) for DEMHS  Region 3 operates under their established bylaws which addresses their mission, membership and procedures. The Multi-jurisdictional REPT’s are supported by Regional Emergency Support Functions (RESFs). These RESFs are discipline oriented workgroups that provide collaborative planning and resource support within each discipline and act as subcommittees to the Region 3 REPT.

The REPT’s authority derives from Connecticut General Statutes Title 28, including Conn. Gen. Stat. §§28-1b(a)(4) and (5) and other provisions dealing with the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS).


DEMHS Region 3 is comprised of towns located within the northern central area of the State of Connecticut surrounding the capitol city of Hartford; the region is bisected by the Connecticut River and its tributaries. The forty-one (41) towns located in this region range from urban to rural. The municipalities that make up Region 3 have a total combined population of 1,085,939 according to 2017 DPH estimates within a land area of 1,078 sq. miles. Each DEMHS Region has a Regional Emergency Planning Team (REPT), the Region 3 REPT is the coordinating committee for all regional activities.