Citizen’s Guide to Making Commendations and Complaints

Connecticut Environmental Conservation (EnCon) Officers are expected to act with the highest level of professionalism.


EnCon Officers will often go above and beyond expectations when assisting in a case or public matter.  We take pride in acknowledging our officers for their service; however it can be hard for the division to recognize these accomplishments without the help of the public.  We ask that you take the time to tell us about your experience with our officers. 
Commendation Form 
Making an Inquiry or Complaint

An inquiry or complaint can be made by letter, email, telephone, or in person.  Complaints can be taken by any employee of Environmental Conservation Police Division.  Personnel assigned to field commands are reminded that a dispatcher or officer, regardless of rank, can accept complaints.  Complaints can also be made by contacting the Hartford Headquarters Office at (860) 424-3012, by e-mail or visit the “contact us” section on our website, Who we are and contact us .  


It has been our experience that many complaints involve a misunderstanding of police policy or procedure and are often resolved by speaking with supervisory personnel. While we encourage you to try this avenue, we understand that some complaints do require a full inquiry.
During this process, you will be kept informed of the progress of the inquiry and may be asked for additional information; you will also be advised when the investigation is completed.

If your inquiry or complaint appears to be based on a misunderstanding or a lack of knowledge of acceptable or desired conduct, procedures, or practices, the employee may offer an explanation.  If you are not satisfied with his/her explanation, you may request to speak with the employee’s supervisor.  Please be prepared to provide the date, time, and location of the event; the name of the Officer involved (if known); and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any possible witnesses.  This information will be vital to an investigation into the incident.


We also realize that not all experiences with our EnCon Officers may be positive ones.  With your input, we can continually improve our services. We want to ensure community support in all of our investigations, and effective complaint procedures will help us accomplish this.
The Division of Environmental Conservation Police takes all complaints against its employees very seriously and actively investigates reports of misconduct.  For this reason, you must ensure your complaint is based on facts.  False reporting in an attempt to unjustly subject an EnCon Police Officer to undeserved discipline or slander or place his/her employment in jeopardy can result in criminal charges or civil liability.

Investigation Procedures

Once an inquiry or complaint is received, the review/investigation process begins. If your concern is of an operational nature, it will generally be handled at the local level. If, however, it is a complaint, it may or may not be handled locally depending on the scope of the investigation needed to resolve the matter. A complaint investigation will usually include a review of all applicable reports, policies and procedures, examination of any evidence or medical records, and interviews with all parties and witnesses involved. This may take several weeks to investigate/review, whereas a simple inquiry may only take a few days to complete.

Each complaint is examined on its own merits. Formal investigations require investigators to contact available witnesses, including police officers, examine any relevant physical evidence and gather all information pertinent to each allegation made in a complaint.

The Colonel will render a finding in each case. There are four possible findings:

Sustained: The investigation disclosed enough evidence to clearly prove the allegation.

Not Sustained: The investigation failed to reveal enough evidence to clearly prove or disprove the allegation.

Exonerated: The act, which proved to be the basis for the complaint, did occur; however, the investigation revealed the act was justified, lawful and proper.

Unfounded: The investigation has produced sufficient evidence to prove that the act or acts alleged did not occur. This finding shall also apply when individual personnel named in the complaint were not involved in an act that did occur.

You will be notified of the finding, in writing, at the conclusion of the investigation. When a finding of “Sustained” is determined, corrective action will be taken.

How to Make a Commendation or Complaint

A commendation or complaint can be made using the form below, by letter, e-mail, telephone or in person.   

Commendation Form 
Complaint Form

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Content last updated January 2023