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The award winning, NSTA recommended Project WET Curriculum and activity Guide 2.0 continues Project WET's dedication to 21st century, cutting-edge water education.  Correlated to Common Core Standards, the Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 gives educators of children from kindergarten to twelfth grade, the tools they need to integrate water education into every school subject.  Through hands on investigations and simulations, students gain an understanding of not just what lives in water environments but the science behind water and its behaviors.

The Project WET 2.0 Guide Framework:
  • Water has unique physical and chemical characteristics
  • Water is essential for life
  • Water connects all Earth systems
  • Water is a natural resource
  • Water resources are managed
  • Water exists within social constructs
  • Water resources exist within cultural construct

Workshop Schedules and Arrangements

Materials are provided in printed material form as a paper bound book.  Workshops may be arranged for your location or you may register to attend scheduled workshops listed on the DEEP Calendar of Events.
Workshops may be scheduled for:
  • Full Day -- provides in-depth lessons on collection of topics and applications to curriculum.  Each participant receives a Project WET 2.0 Resource Guide, student Discovery Booklet(s), state related resource materials and resource speakers.
  • Half Day or 3 hour workshop -- provides participants with a specific topic focus and application for their classroom or educational needs and copies of materials, as they relate to that topic.
  • Sampler Session -- a shortened presentation and introduction to the materials and opportunities to acquire the resources through a workshop.  These last one to two hours and provide a sample lesson from the guide, rather than the complete guide.
Additional Resources for Educators
Materials are provided in the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0.  If obtaining the resources through the workshop, the materials are included in the fee of $40.00/educator, or $30.00/educator, if registering 3 or more from a single location, $35.00 if two from a single location. 


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Arrange to borrow Enviroscapes and Ground Water Models by sending an e-mail for details to There is no charge for use of models.

Content last updated September 2022