State Troubadour


Those interested in serving as the State Troubadour must be nominated on or before the nomination deadline.

Who May be Nominated:
  • An individual Connecticut resident singer-songwriter with a minimum composition and performance history of five years.
    • A singer-songwriter is defined as a musician who writes, composes and sings his/her own material including lyrics and melodies.
  • Singer-songwriter must have a significant body of work which the artist has composed, recorded, and performed.
  • Singer-songwriter must have composed, recorded, and performed at least one song that promotes Connecticut. Professional studio recordings are not required. 
  • Singer-songwriter must be able to perform both music and lyrics solo-without accompaniment by another individual.
Eligible Nominee:
  • Must be full-time Connecticut resident (for at least two years prior to application deadline).
  • Must display excellent musicianship and experience in singing and songwriting.
  • Must be professionally active and available to travel and perform in a variety of educational and community settings.
Re-Nomination of Previously Nominated Troubadour:
  • A singer-songwriter who has been nominated before may be re-nominated. A new nomination and application must be submitted.
Ineligible Nominees:
  • Students currently enrolled in degree-granting institutions
  • Previous Connecticut State Troubadours
  • COA Arts Council, DECD/COA staff and members of their immediate families