DECD Equal Employment Opportunity Information


The Department of Economic and Community Development Equal Employment Opportunity Unit (EEO) ensures the agency’s commitment and responsibility to foster a diverse and inclusive working environment.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Unit directly reports to, and is under the authority of, the DECD Commissioner. The Equal Employment Opportunity Unit helps ensure that the agency complies with federal, state and local affirmative action and equal opportunity laws, as well as the agency’s non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. We provide support and advice to all DECD units on employee recruitment and retention issues and provide sexual harassment prevention and diversity awareness training. The Equal Employment Opportunity Unit also investigates complaints of discrimination and recommends measures to mitigate discriminatory conduct that may be found to exist.

EEO provides employee counseling related to long-range career planning and understanding state classification and examination requirements, including state career ladders, job titles with required experience and training, promotion and transfer procedures, and study guides for examination preparation. We also assist in the development of employee-to-supervisor discussions on upward mobility.

Our agency’s efforts in encouraging equal employment opportunities and eliminating discrimination are reported in the agency’s Affirmation Action Plan which the Equal Employment Opportunity Unit submits to the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities annually.

All DECD employees have the shared responsibility to promote affirmative action and provide equal opportunity.




Caesar Valentin (He/Him/El) | HR Associate Equal Employment Opportunity

Department of Administrative Services

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