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Food Safety Warning/Recall Update: Stew Leonard’s Florentine Cookies Also Contained Undeclared Eggs

Consumers with Food Allergies Should Return the Product to the Point of Sale for a Refund

HARTFORD — The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Food, Standards and Product Safety Division (DCP) and the Connecticut Department of Public Health are warning the public that Florentine Cookies sold at Stew Leonard’s grocery stores in Danbury and Newington also contained eggs, which did not appear on the label.

Stew Leonard’s has issued a recall for the products. A photo of the product is below.

Cookies affected by the recall are Florentine Cookies with a best by date of January 5, 2024. These cookies were sold in Danbury and Newington from November 6 to December 31, 2023.

Consumers with food allergies should immediately dispose of the cookies or return them to the point of sale and seek medical attention if necessary.

Eggs are one of the major food allergens identified by the Food and Drug Administration that requires additional labeling.

DCP’s investigation is ongoing. Review the previous food safety warning related to this product for additional information.

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