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Consumer Protection Adds New Price Per Gram Dataset to Public Cannabis Data

HARTFORD – The Department of Consumer Protection published today a new dataset showing the price per gram of “usable cannabis” sold in the state’s adult-use cannabis and medical marijuana markets. For the purposes of this dataset, "usable cannabis" includes raw flower in whole, ground, or pre-rolled form, without additional extracted materials.

In February, the average price per gram of usable cannabis was $12.28. The new dataset includes data collected since the market opened in January 2023.

The dataset was added as part of the Department’s monthly data release, which to date has included total retail sales, number of products sold, average product price, and types of products sold. The most recent data for each dataset have also been published in accordance with the Department’s monthly cannabis data schedule.

All data can be found at

The data will continue to be updated monthly on or after the 10th of each month. Going forward, DCP will make announcements when new datasets have been added to publicly available data. The Department will no longer issue monthly press releases related to existing datasets.

Reporters and members of the public who are interested in new monthly data published to existing datasets should check monthly on the 10th or the first business day after the 10th of each month.

The data does not include taxes collected at the point of sale on adult-use transactions. Medical marijuana patients do not pay taxes on the purchase of their medicine.

Adults who choose to consume cannabis are reminded to do so responsibly, including storing cannabis products in their original packaging, locked up and out of reach of children and pets. Resources regarding responsible cannabis use, as well as information about addiction and health risks is available at

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