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Monday, January 9th, 2017 – The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) is requesting complaints or information from consumers who may have done business or otherwise interacted with a paving contractor named Edward Branciforte. Branciforte has been involved in 19 complaints with DCP since 2008, and operates mainly in the eastern and central parts of the state. DCP is seeking additional information about Mr. Branciforte’s activities to supplement our ongoing investigation.  As Mr. Branciforte’s registration with DCP is suspended, he may also be operating under the name of a friend, Junie Lynn Leprie, in order to make his business appear legitimate.
Branciforte typically shows up unannounced at a consumer’s door offering paving services. Consumers should be wary of any home improvement contractor who goes door-to-door soliciting business.  In many cases, Branciforte does not include a price in his initial negotiation or contract, and then presents a large invoice after the work, often substandard, is completed.
“One of our goals at DCP is to not overburden businesses that play by the rules, but to make sure that bad actors are held accountable.  We’re working hard to keep our investigations efficient, and that means making sure consumers know when they can help. That’s why we’re asking for whatever information the public may have as we continue to gather facts concerning his paving activities,” said Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan A. Harris, “It’s also a priority for us to educate consumers about how to identify bad actors so that consumers can protect themselves and avoid waiting to get their hard-earned money back through a legal process or our complaint process.”
Consumers should not do business with contractors who:
  • Show up at your door unexpected offering a great deal.
  • Are unable to verify they are registered appropriately with DCP.
  • Don’t present contracts compliant with state law (requirements can be found on DCP’s website here). Contracts should always include a definite price, begin and end dates, and a three-day grace period during which the consumer can cancel the contract.
  • Refuse to answer questions about their work plan or your contract.
  • Can’t provide references.
  • Pressure you to commit to their services right away to make sure you get the cheapest deal possible.
  • Attempt to get you to pay all or a large portion of the contract price up front or any amounts by cash, money order or other untraceable method of payment.
Consumers may file complaints or provide information about Mr. Branciforte by emailing or calling us at (860) 713-6100 and Toll Free in CT at (800) 842-2649.
Mr. Branciforte is pictured below.



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