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Friday, March 10th, 2017 - The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) is requesting complaints and information from consumers regarding the conduct of Ossie McClellan Jr., a paving contractor. Consumers who have entered into contracts, done business with, or have otherwise interacted with Mr. McClellan should contact DCP as soon as they are able to file a complaint that will support DCP’s active investigation. 
Mr. McClellan operates his business under the names of Excel Paving and Excel Paving LLC. He has been involved in 39 complaints with DCP. McClellan operates mainly in the southeastern part of the state.
Mr. McClellan does not hold an up to date registration with DCP.
“We are urging consumers to come forward with any information they may have about Mr. McClellan to support our ongoing investigation,” said Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan A. Harris, “We are working to conclude our investigation as quickly as we are able with the most complete information so we can do everything possible to help the consumers who have been harmed, and hold Mr. McClellan accountable.”
McClellan typically begins work within a day of signing a contract, but will leave equipment at homes for a period of weeks, often without performing any additional work. In many cases, consumers are left with a driveway only partially completed. 
McClellan’s equipment has left oil stains on the property of consumers and has also damaged the pavement due to the length of time it has remained there. In the past, Mr. McClellan has started worked in the cold months of winter with temperatures and conditions not conducive to paving. On numerous occasions, McClellan has failed to obtain needed building and zoning permits. 
Consumers who wish to file complaints with DCP should complete this complaint form and may email all information they have including copies of contracts, proof of payment, copies of building permits (if any), and any correspondence or communications with the contractor to
Mr. McClellan is pictured below:
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