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Friday, March 3rd, 2017 – Next week, March 5th through 11th, is National Consumer Protection Week. The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) and the Connecticut Better Business Bureau are teaming up to bring you the most up-to-date information on a new topic each day.
Consumers will have the opportunity to learn ways to be smart consumers, and protect themselves from growing marketplace threats and criminal activity. As those threats and challenges evolve more quickly – it’s becoming even more important for consumers to be informed.
We’re also urging consumers to block an hour off their calendars to do three easy tasks that can help them steer clear of fraud and identity theft, and prepare them in the case they need to file a consumer complaint.
1) Shred Documents:
Consumers should take time to shred documents they no longer need, in particular tax related and health care related materials, to protect themselves from identity theft. A list of recommendations regarding how long to keep specific documents can be found here.
2) Organize Important Paperwork:
Many consumers may have a stack of contracts they’ve signed, that include information about warranties or guarantees associated with large purchases or subscriptions. Whether you have your paperwork stored in a file folder, or cataloged in your email, it’s important to keep your records. If you ever need to file a consumer complaint, or have reason to believe your contract is not being fulfilled, your chance of recovering your money is much better if you have your paperwork.
3) Secure Your Online Passwords:
Today it’s a necessity to have accounts online, but consumers need to make sure they have secure passwords, and don’t use the same passwords for more than one account. Take time to make sure you have good passwords that are stored in a safe place, and if you can, enable two-step verification for your online accounts for an added layer of security.
"The keys to protecting ourselves are education and knowing our rights," according to Connecticut Better Business Bureau Executive Communications Director, Howard Schwartz.  "We have to be more vigilant than ever before, and National Consumer Protection Week is all about understanding these issues, protecting ourselves and our families, and knowing our rights when there is a problem."
“This week is a great opportunity for consumers to take a few minutes to protect themselves, learn more about the market, and start to create the habits that will allow them to be smart consumers all year round,” said Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan A. Harris, “We’re excited about the information we’ll be able to highlight for Connecticut consumers and businesses next week, and for the progress we can continue to make together in the future.”
The daily topics being highlighted during Consumer Protection Week are below. You can follow DCP and the Connecticut Better Business Bureau on their social media accounts, and watch their websites for updates on these topics and others. You can also follow the hashtag #NCPW2017 for news and tips from our partners all across the country throughout the week.
  • Sunday, March 5th:  Online Safety
  • Monday, March 6th:  Weight Loss & Health Clubs
  • Tuesday, March 7th:  Charities
  • Wednesday, March 8th:  Consumer Protection for Military Families
  • Thursday, March 9th:  Home Improvement
  • Friday, March 10th:  Common Scams in the Immigrant Community
  • Saturday, March 11th:  Retail Warnings (Gift Cards, Return Polices, Deliveries)
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