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Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 – TOMORROW, Wednesday, June 7th, at 8:30am, the state Board of Physicians will hold a public hearing to discuss petitions it has received to add five conditions to Connecticut’s medical marijuana program. The public hearing will be held at the Department of Consumer Protection’s (DCP) offices at 450 Columbus Boulevard in Hartford in North Meeting Rooms C and D.
“I’m incredibly proud of the progress Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana program has made for patients in the state,” said Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull, “I want to thank the Board of Physicians for their thoughtful input in the condition adding process. Our state was the first state in the country to employ a true medical model that ensures patient’s interaction with a physician and a pharmacist. We believe that the success of our program is rooted in its aim to provide good health care – and in its valuable input from the medical community.”
The petitions being discussed are for the following conditions:
The Board of Physicians meets at least twice a year to consider petitions to add new conditions that qualify for the palliative use of marijuana in Connecticut. Members of the public may petition the board by filling out this form completely. After a public hearing, the board gives a recommendation to the commissioner of DCP. If the commissioner agrees with the board’s recommendation, additions will go through the regulation process, which includes a period for public comment and review by the legislative regulation review committee.
There are currently 18,198 medical marijuana patients, 693 physicians registered to certify patients, 22 conditions approved for adults, and 6 conditions approved for patients under the age of 18.
There are four conditions that were petitioned for, and recommended by the Board of Physicians and the Commissioner in January of 2017 that are currently in the regulation process. DCP’s past release on those conditions can be found here.
Those who wish to find more information about the program may visit, or contact the Drug Control Division at or (860) 713-6066.

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