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Thursday, May 12th 2016 – The Department of Consumer Protection has received multiple complaints from consumers receiving mailers that look like invoices from Publisher Payment Center.  These mailers encourage consumers to extend their magazine subscriptions.  In reality, these mailers are not invoices, but are solicitations for new business.  
The mailer looks like an invoice: it names a magazine that the consumer may already receive; it encourages the consumer to “act today,” and even assigns a customer number.  The mailer also lists a payment deadline in multiple places.   
If consumers have paid Publisher Payment Center as a result of this mailer, please contact the Department of Consumer Protection at 860-713-6300, or Toll-Free in CT at 800-842-2649. You may also email
If ever any company or individual is asking you to pay for something that doesn’t seem right, or is unfamiliar, follow these tips:
• If you’re not expecting to pay a bill, but you get an invoice, don’t follow the information given to you. Always call the company using a telephone number given to you before, and verify that you don’t owe a payment.  In this case, call your magazine’s billing department and ask whether you owe money. 
• Don’t be afraid to say no to pressure tactics. If you are getting urged to “Act Now” or “Act Today” or lose a deal, it may be a scam. Fair business people will always give you the opportunity to do your research and shop around.
• Never give your personal information, including financial information, to any entity you don’t know or trust.
• If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always take a step back, and do your research before committing to anything.
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