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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2016 - The Role of Ethnic and Traditional Media in Public Outreach and Advocacy,” is a statewide one-day symposium for anyone advocating for, or providing services to, vulnerable and underserved populations.  The Symposium will provide important insights on working with ethnic media that should be of interest to public policy makers, elected officials, nonprofit and faith-based organizations, and those representing ethnic media.

“This year’s symposium will address the role ethnic and traditional media play in educating and empowering consumers,” said Catherine Blinder, Chief Education and Outreach Officer, “We will examine health care and health insurance literacy, and challenges to civic engagement. We will also look at the changing landscape of media itself and hear how other states have engaged ethnic media to reach and inform underserved populations. Without acknowledging the cultural and language barriers that a growing number of consumers face, we are not doing our best to empower and protect them.”

“We’re working hard in our agency to communicate as effectively as we can with all consumers in the state – not only those who get their information from traditional media channels,” added Deputy Commissioner Michelle Seagull, “events like the upcoming symposium make us better at our work, and give us the chance to build relationships with more people who want to be a part of educating and advocating for consumers in the state.”

This event is open to the public.

The full-day symposium will be held at the Connecticut Convention Center on Thursday, January 28th. Registration is free, and those interested can visit to register.



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