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Department Launches Application Process for Additional Medical Marijuana Dispensary Facilities

Applications and information now available online

HARTFORD, June 11 – Connecticut’s medical marijuana program has seen significant growth over the past year as safe, legal product has become available for patients. The Department of Consumer Protection is, therefore, requesting applications for additional medical marijuana dispensary facilities to serve the State. The request for applications (RFA) can be found on the Department’s website at The application deadline is September 18, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. 

“Connecticut was the first state to adopt a true pharmaceutical model for its medical marijuana program; as a result, Connecticut patients are able to purchase safe, pharmaceutical grade products from pharmacists at licensed dispensary facilities in this state,” Commissioner Jonathan A. Harris said today. “As public awareness about the safety and quality of Connecticut-grown medical marijuana increases, we are seeing steady growth in physician and patient acceptance of the program. Since last fall, when dispensaries first began selling medical marijuana, the number of patients registered in the program has more than doubled.  Specifically, the number of registered patients rose from 1,683 in September 2014 to 4,097 this month. As a result, additional dispensary facilities are needed, particularly in Fairfield and New Haven counties.”

Currently there are six dispensary facilities and four producers serving medical marijuana patients in Connecticut. The Department plans to award up to three dispensary facility licenses through this round of applications, and reserves the right to award more licenses if it concludes additional dispensaries are desirable. Furthermore, even if more licenses are not awarded during this RFA round, the Department expects to issue an RFA for additional facilities in other counties in the future, if the program’s success continues.

Dispensary facility licenses will be awarded on a competitive basis based on the RFA responses.

All questions about the application or application process must be communicated by email only to with the subject line “Medical Marijuana RFA Question.” Responses will be posted on the Department’s website. 

Persons who want to receive updated information on the application process, including answers to frequently asked questions, are encouraged to enroll in medical marijuana e-alerts from the Department of Consumer Protection’s website at


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