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Stores in Middlefield, Durham, Meriden Cited for Alleged Sales of Alcohol to Minors

HARTFORD, July 15 -- The Department of Consumer Protection is releasing the results of weekend compliance operations undertaken by the Division of Liquor Control in cooperation with State and local police departments.

“Permitted establishments are expected to obey all provisions of the Liquor Control Act and that includes not selling or serving alcohol to anyone under the age of 21,” Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein said today. “As summer presents more opportunities for youth to engage in risky behaviors such as drinking and driving, so must permittees be even more diligent in consistently checking IDs when selling or serving alcohol.”

On Friday, July 11, the Department’s Liquor Control Division partnered with the Resident Trooper Offices in Middlefield and Durham to conduct compliance operations in their local bars, restaurants, package stores, and grocery stores. Fourteen (14) businesses were tested for compliance, and of these, it is alleged that nine (9) failed by allegedly selling and/or serving alcoholic liquor to youth volunteers who were trained and provided by the Governor’s Prevention Partnership. The businesses that allegedly failed are:

  • Indian Spring Golf Club, Mack Road, Middlefield
  • Lakeside Mini Market, 275 Baileyville Rd., Middlefield
  • C & M Package Store, 484 Main Street, Middlefield
  • Lakeside Liquors, 222 Baileyville Road, Middlefield
  • Blackbird Tavern, 6 Way Road, Middlefield
  • Middlefield Pizza and Restaurant, 480 Main Street, Middlefield
  • Durham Wine and Spirits, 6 Main Street, Durham
  • Time Out Taverne Restaurant, 100 New Haven Rd., Durham
  • Quick Stop Country Market, 1041 New Haven Road, Durham

On Saturday, July 12th, the Liquor Control Division and the Meriden Police Department conducted compliance checks of thirty-one (31) package stores and grocery stores in Meriden with the assistance of three youths trained and provided by the Governor’s Prevention Partnership. Of the 31 businesses tested, it is alleged that six (6) failed by selling alcoholic liquor to one of the minors. Those businesses that allegedly failed are:

  • Meriden Wine and Spirits, 477 S. Broad St.
  • Bombom, 293 Cooke Avenue
  • Bani Deli, 250 West Main St.        
  • Beverage World, 566 West Main St.
  • Aresco’s Superette, 238 Gravel St.
  • Bob’s Package Store, 1426 East Main St.

Commissioner Rubenstein said that compliance checks are not intended to hurt local businesses. 

“We don’t try to trick or entice establishments to sell alcoholic beverages to youth,” Rubenstein said. “If asked their age before making a liquor purchase, the youth volunteers hand over their actual ID and tell their true age. Our goal is to find businesses that sell to minors and bring them into compliance with the state’s liquor laws.”

The stores cited in the weekend’s compliance checks are charged with allegedly selling liquor to a minor and will appear before the Liquor Control Commission for an administrative hearing, at which time the charges will be addressed.

“Partnering with state and local law enforcement on these checks benefits everyone involved,” Rubenstein said. “I want to express our sincere thanks to the Durham and Middlefield Resident Troopers, the men and women of the Meriden Police Department, and the Governor’s Prevention Partnership for their ongoing activities to reduce access to liquor by our youth.”


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