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Department is Coordinating Consumer Complaints on AT&T Transition to Frontier Communications

HARTFORD, November 13  -- Consumers who are experiencing difficulties as a result of the recent transition from AT&T to Frontier Communications for U-verse, landline, and broadband Internet are welcome to file a written complaint with the Department of Consumer Protection. The agency is coordinating complaints in order to expedite the process, ensure the highest level of company compliance, and achieve satisfaction for consumers affected by this major change.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy said, “We want to ensure that all customers are protected and adequately receiving the services for which they are paying.  With that in mind, we’re encouraging anyone who is experiencing any problems to report their complaints through the state, and we will coordinate them together to ensure that these situations are being handled appropriately.”

A link to the agency’s complaint form is here.  If preferred, an email complaint can be sent to:   In any complaint, consumers should include the following:

  • Contact information -- email, home address, telephone (include alternate means of contacting you if your service is down)
  • Billing address
  • Specific problem -- specify if there is an outage or if a shutoff notice was received.   If it is a billing issue, please provide details. If the problem is poor reception, please describe.  If  there is limited use of certain stations, please give details.

Residents should contact Frontier first with complaints.  The company has designated the following three toll-free numbers:

  • Residential Service – 1-800-921-8101
  • Business Service – 1-800-921-8102
  • Help Desk/Tech Support – 1-800-219-6877

However, consumers who wish to file a complaint with the State are encouraged to contact the Department of Consumer Protection, which will work to coordinate complaints with the company and other appropriate agencies.


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