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Results of Weekend Liquor Compliance Checks in Fairfield and Branford are Released

HARTFORD, April 29 -- The Department of Consumer Protection is reporting the results of two compliance checks it conducted this past weekend.

On the evening of Friday, April 26th, agents from the Department’s Liquor Control Division and officers from the Fairfield Police Department partnered with youth trained by the Governor’s Prevention Partnership to conduct compliance checks of 24 licensed package stores and grocery stores that sell beer in Fairfield.  Of the 24 stores tested for compliance, it is alleged that three (3) failed by selling alcoholic beverages to a volunteer youth. The stores that allegedly failed are:

·        Grasmere Discount Liquor

·        Al’s Warehouse Wine Beer Liquor No. 3

·        Super Stop and Shop, 760 Villa Avenue

On the afternoon of Saturday, April 27th, Liquor Control agents, trained youth volunteers and officers from the Branford Police Department conducted a series of compliance checks of 16 package stores and grocery stores licensed to sell beer in that town. Of the 16 stores tested for compliance, it is alleged that two (3) stores failed by selling to a volunteer minor.

These are:

·        Harbor Package Store

·        Indian Neck Liquor Store

·        J Foodmart

These six establishments are charged with selling liquor to a minor and will be scheduled for an administrative hearing before the Liquor Control Commission, where each will have the opportunity to address the charges.


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