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Results of Recent Alcohol Compliance Checks in Seven Communities

HARTFORD, February 20 – The Department of Consumer Protection is releasing the results of recent alcohol compliance checks undertaken by the Division of Liquor Control in cooperation with state police.

On Saturday, February 16, 2013 the Liquor Control Division and Troop D Danielson, Quality of Life Task Force conducted compliance checks of 21 package stores and grocery stores in Danielson, Thompson, Brooklyn, Hampton, Canterbury, Sterling, and North Grosvenordale. 

Of the 21 stores tested for compliance, five (5) allegedly failed by selling liquor to a volunteer minor who had been trained and provided by the Governor’s Prevention Partnership. The stores which allegedly failed are:

·         Plaza Package Store, 568 Providence Road, Brooklyn

·         B’s Discount Wine and Spirits, 488 Providence Road, Brooklyn

·         Brooklyn Spirits, 234 Providence Road, Brooklyn

·         Thompson Liquors, 520 Riverside Drive, North Grosvenordale

·         Friendly Market, 861 Riverside Drive, North Grosvenordale

Routine compliance checks help the Department of Consumer Protection to identify businesses that knowingly or unknowingly sell alcohol to minors and bring them back into compliance with state law. However, compliance checks are not intended to hurt local businesses.

“We don’t try to trick or entice establishments to sell alcoholic beverages to youth,” Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein said. “If asked for proof of age before making a liquor purchase, the volunteer youth will hand over his or her actual photo I.D., which clearly indicates that they are underage.”

The Commissioner thanked the officers of Troop D Danielson, Quality of Life Task Force and the Governor’s Prevention Partnership for their assistance in the operation.

The businesses that allegedly sold to a minor will be brought before the Liquor Control Commission for an administrative hearing, at which time they will have an opportunity to address the charges.


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