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Forty Bridgeport Stores Cited for Liquor Sales to Minors Over Weekend

On Friday, March 15th and Saturday, March 16th, 7th agents from the Department’s Liquor Control Division, officers from the Bridgeport Police Department, and volunteer youths trained and provided by the Governor’s Prevention Partnership conducted compliance checks of package stores and grocery stores in the city of Bridgeport.  One hundred sixty (160) grocery stores and package stores were tested for compliance. Of these, one hundred twenty (120) stores passed and forty (40) allegedly failed by selling alcohol to the volunteer underage youth.  The stores which allegedly failed are:

1.)      Pacis Market, 255 Lindley Street

2.)      Brazilian Emporium, 827 North Avenue

3.)      Vidago Variety and Deli, 124 Beechmont Avenue

4.)      E & J Package Store, 4500 Main Street

5.)      Hillview Superette, 3751 Madison Avenue

6.)      International Liquor Store, 2462 East Main Street

7.)      Compare Foods, 1050 East Main Street

8.)      Junco 12 Mini-Market, 717 Kossuth Street

9.)      Daddy’s Market, 727 East Main Street

10.)   Caguas Grocery, 464 East Main Street

11.)   Big Deli Grocery Market, 2489 East Main Street

12.)   Future Market, 1080 Ogden Street Ext.

13.)   La Marquitea Meat Market Food center, 2960 Fairfield Ave.

14.)   Roescal Deli & Grocery, 2839 Fairfield Avenue

15.)   Casablanca Market, 2091 Fairfield Avenue

16.)   D.R. Market Retail Centre, 730 Maplewood Avenue

17.)   City Supermarket, 2251 Main Street

18.)   Sunshine Food Market, 693 Connecticut Avenue

19.)   Lees Market, 1515 Stratford Avenue

20.)   Convenience Brand Grocery, 1611 Stratford Avenue

21.)   Neighborhood Variety, 179 Newfield Avenue

22.)   Santa Marta Grocery, 1650 Stratford Avenue

23.)   Garcia Mini Market, 239 Newfield Avenue

24.)   Junco Deli Grocery, 1427 Stratford Avenue

25.)   Mike’s Food Market, 445 Connecticut Avenue

26.)   Connecticut Food Market, 842 Connecticut Avenue

27.)   Country Mini-Market, 582 Newfield Avenue

28.)   East Main Liquor Store, 1157 East Main Street

29.)   Park Package Store, 561 Park Avenue

30.)   Jimmy’s Discount Liquor, 1312 Stratford Avenue

31.)   Caesar’s Liquor, 247 Lexington Avenue

32.)   L & A Liquor, 1506 Stratford Avenue

33.)   Ciales Liquor, 540 Hallett Street

34.)   Seaside Liquor, 320 Iranistan Avenue

35.)   Campus Package Store, 378 Park Avenue

36.)   State Street Package Store, 871 State Street

37.)   Azteca Meat Market, 1697 Park Avenue

38.)   Sunshine Deli and Grocery, 878 Reservoir Avenue

39.)   Justice Liquor, 53 Trumbull Avenue

40.)   Swissland Farm, 549 Broadbridge Road

“Compliance operations are consistently useful in helping us identify licensed or permitted locations that are selling alcoholic beverages to minors,” Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein said. He added that the compliance checks are not intended to hurt local businesses, however.

“We don’t try to trick or entice establishments to sell alcoholic beverages to youth,” Rubenstein said. “If asked their age before making a liquor purchase, volunteer youths hand over their actual ID, and tell their true age. Our goal is to find businesses that sell to minors and bring them into compliance with state liquor laws.”

The businesses cited in the weekend’s compliance check are charged with allegedly selling liquor to a minor and will appear before the Liquor Control Commission for an administrative hearing, at which time the charges will be addressed.

“Partnering with state and local law enforcement on these checks benefits everyone involved,” Rubenstein said. “I want to express our sincere thanks to the Bridgeport Police Department for their continuing efforts to reduce underage drinking within their community.”


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