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Eight Local Stores Fail Weekend Liquor Compliance Check in Vernon

HARTFORD, August 22 -- The Department of Consumer Protection is reporting the results of compliance checks it conducted in the town of Vernon last weekend.

On Saturday, August 18th, agents from the Liquor Control Division and officers from the Vernon Police Department, working with a 17 year old minor trained and provided by the Governor’s Prevention Partnership, conducted a series of undercover compliance checks of all package stores and grocery stores licensed to sell beer in Vernon. 

Of the 16 locations visited, it is alleged that eight sales were made to the underage volunteer.

“Fifty percent compliance is really disappointing and should be seen as a wake-up call for permit holders to be more vigilant,” Commissioner William M. Rubenstein said today.  “Our Department will work with the Vernon police to provide additional training and other tools to local permittees.”

The stores which allegedly failed and may face administrative action are:

  • Riley’s Liquor
  • On the Way Convenience Store     
  • 7-Eleven Food Store                      
  • CV Mart                                   
  • Lafayette Wine & Liquors            
  • Vernon Circle                                    
  • Harry’s Fine Wine & Liquor         
  • Rockville Discount Liquor               

“Compliance operations help us to identify licensed or permitted locations that are selling alcoholic beverages to minors,” Rubenstein said. He added that the compliance checks are not intended to hurt local businesses.

“Our goal is to find businesses that sell to minors and bring them into compliance with state liquor laws,” Rubenstein said. “If the volunteer youth are asked their age before making a liquor purchase, they will hand over their actual ID, and tell their true age.”

The stores are being charged with selling liquor to a minor and will be scheduled for an administrative hearing before the Liquor Control Commission, where they will have the opportunity to address the charges.

“The eight businesses that passed the compliance inspection are complying with the law, and I commend them for their diligence,” Rubenstein said.  “I also wish to thank the Vernon Police Department for its efforts to reduce underage drinking within their community, and the Prevention Partnership for its ongoing support.”


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