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Department Revokes Home Improvement Registration of Lysco Contracting, Inc.

HARTFORD, November 8 – The Department of Consumer Protection has revoked the home improvement contractor registration of Lysco Contracting, Inc, of 70 East Jefryn Boulevard, Deer Park, NY for violations of the Home Improvement Act, the Unfair Trade Practices Act, and occupational licensing laws.

The Department issued a Final Decision and Order on October 31st after investigating the company’s business practices based on numerous consumer complaints in 2011 and 2012.

The six consumer complaints that sparked the investigation focused primarily on chimney work, and indicated that the work was performed in a substandard or un-workmanlike manner, was not properly completed, was not performed pursuant to the contract terms, or was not necessary to begin with.

In their complaints, consumers reported that they received unsolicited telephone calls from the company to perform routine chimney cleanings, but after their arrival, the workers reported finding some type of emergency, potentially life-threatening condition requiring immediate, expensive chimney repair work. These “emergency” justifications constitute unfair or deceptive acts or practices in violation of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.

In addition, Department investigators found that Lysco’s home improvement contracts were invalid in that they did not offer the required 3-day right to cancel, were not signed by both parties, did not include all terms of the contact in writing, and did not include the correct name address, and registration number of the contractor, as required by law. In each case, it was found that the contractor began work without having the necessary building permits.

Much of the work performed by Lysco was either unnecessary, of a substandard character, or was found to be wholly unsafe by local officials.  In at least one instance, it was found that the company, by installing a reducer pipe at a residential property, performed work that may only be legally performed by a licensed heating contractor.

Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein ordered that the six consumers harmed by Lysco Contracting, Inc. will receive a total of $27,720 in restitution from the Connecticut Home Improvement Guaranty Fund, which is be repaid by Lysco Contracting, Inc. or its owner, Adam Joyce. 

Lysco Contracting, Inc. is also ordered to cease and desist from any of the unlawful activities found in the agency’s investigation, including performing licensable occupational work without a valid trade license, and may no longer offer or perform home improvement work in the State of Connecticut, as its registration, which allows it to work in the state, is revoked. The Department reports that it is also looking into any related companies.



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