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Swing Sets Recalled by Adventure Playsets due to Fall Hazard

HARTFORD, July 1 -- The Department of Consumer Protection is alerting consumers about a voluntary recall of some wooden playsets announced today by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and and Adventure Playsets of Pittsburg, KS.

About 240,000 of these playsets are being recalled due to the wood in the posts of the fort sections possibly rotting out. This poses a head injury falling hazard to anyone who uses the playset. Adventure Playsets has received more than 500 complaints reporting concern over the weakened wood in the 2x4 plastic-coated uprights. One report of a fall was received when the ladder failed resulting  bruises and scratches.

The playsets were sold from 2005 and 2007 at Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us for between $300 and $600.

This recall involves the following swing set name, model number, name of retailer and year sold. The swing sets come with swings, slides, and ladders. The name is printed on the manufacture’s instructions that came with the play set.

Swing Set name

             Model Number

Name of retailer

Year sold

Tacoma/Tacoma 2

1-AP017, 1-AP017-06, 1AP051-07



Bellevue/Bellevue 2

1-AP012, 1-AP012-06, 1-AP048-07



Durango/Durango 2

1-AO016, 1-AP018, 1-AP016-06, 1-AP018-06, 1-AP016-07







recalled swing set july 2011

Consumers should stop using the recalled swing sets and contact Adventure Playsets to obtain a free repair kit. Repair kits will include the appropriate angled or vertical upright posts for each model, with instructions for dissembling and reassembling each set. For additional information contact Adventure Playsets toll free at (877) 840-9068 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s website at or email the firm at

It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.


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