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Department Reaches Agreement with Aiello Home Services

HARTFORD, January 4 – The Department of Consumer Protection has reached settlement agreements with a Windsor Locks heating cooling and plumbing contractor, Michael R. Jezouit, doing business as Aiello Home Services, and his General Manager for Operations, Stephen G. Birch.  The agreements, in the form of Assurances of Voluntary Compliance, were entered into with each individual, in lieu of the Department pursuing formal administrative action against them.

The settlements were the result of consumer complaints to the Department over the last three years.

“We have reviewed the allegations and the business response, and I feel confident that Michael Jezouit and Stephen Birch now understand fully that they shall follow proper building code, display their licenses, obtain permits on time, respond to the Department immediately upon any further complaint and follow basic trade practices,” Consumer Protection Commissioner  Jerry Farrell said today. “We were ready to proceed administratively to a formal hearing, but it became clear that the respondent was willing to settle the matter without any additional proceedings, and more importantly, understands the necessity to comply with Connecticut law.” 

Michael R. Jezouit signed an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance and paid a civil penalty of $30,000; Stephen G. Birch signed a separate Assurance of Voluntary Compliance and paid a civil penalty of $5,000. 

“We will continue to monitor the business practices of Michael R. Jezouit and Stephen G. Birch to ensure their compliance with the all Connecticut statutes and regulations,” Farrell said.


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