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Department of Consumer Protection Responds to Reports of “Bad Gas”

HARTFORD, June 16 -- The Department of Consumer Protection is actively investigating reports this week from consumers experiencing problems with their vehicles after purchasing gasoline. Media reports on Tuesday about gasoline sold in Montville and on Wednesday about gasoline purchased in the New Haven area brought the issue to the Department’s attention, Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein said today.

“We responded to the Montville reports immediately after learning about problems that consumers were allegedly experiencing,” Rubenstein said. “Yesterday, some of those consumers began to file complaints with our Department, and I encourage everyone who believes their vehicle may have been affected this week by bad gasoline to contact our Department, to file a complaint and to provide us with the name and address of the gas station. Our immediate priorities are to identify and stop the source of any problem and to assure that consumers are compensated for any problems caused by the bad gasoline.”

The Department is investigating allegations related to a range of gas stations along the I-95 corridor from Guilford to Fairfield. Other areas of the state may be affected as well. Investigators are reviewing stations’ delivery invoices, taking samples, and conducting field interviews to identify the contaminant and track its source.   

Persons who suspect that bad gasoline was involved in problems with their vehicle should obtain and keep all service receipts for diagnostics or repair, as well as receipts for the gasoline they have recently purchased.  Consumers should also notify the Department of Consumer Protection fuel standards unit by calling 860-713-6160 or 1-800-842-2649, or by emailing A form for filing a written complaint is available at at “Forms.”  Consumers should also register a complaint, in writing, with the retailer from whom they purchased gasoline.


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