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Department Alerts Consumers to Expanded CooperVision Avaira Soft Contact Lenses Recall

HARTFORD, December 7 –More CooperVision Avaira contact lenses contain an unintended silicone oil residue, leading to an expansion of the company’s October-issued nationwide recall, the Department of Consumer Protection announced today.

In October, CooperVision Inc. of West Henrietta, New York recalled certain lots of its AVAIRA Soft Contact Lenses for single-use disposable wear and daily wear in patients with nearsightedness or farsightedness with astigmatism. The lenses affected with the oil residue were manufactured from November 1, 2010 through August 3, 2011. Approximately 778,301 of these lenses were distributed.

Now, the silicone oil residue found on lenses from certain lots of Avaira Aquaform Sphere contact lenses is leading to a nationwide recall of those lenses as well. Manufactured from February 1, 2011 through August 24, 2011, the lenses were distributed from March 2, 2011 through November 15, 2011.    

Symptoms caused by the silicone oil residue range from hazy, blurry vision, and discomfort to eye injuries requiring medical treatment. 

Wearers of the CooperVision AVAIRA Toric or Sphere Soft Contact Lenses who experience hazy vision or unusual discomfort should remove them immediately and contact their eye care practitioner.

Avaira Toric or Sphere lenses are urged to visit the company’s recall web page at and enter the lot number printed on the contact lens package to determine whether the lenses have been recalled. The lot number is also printed on each individual lens blister pack. Consumers may also contact the company’s toll-free consumer hotline at 1-855-526-6737.

If you discover your lenses are among the recalled lots, return them to the point of purchase or to your eye care practitioner.


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