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Compliance Check in Branford Identifies Three Businesses That Allegedly Sold Liquor to a Minor


HARTFORD, October 18 -- On Saturday, October 15th, the Department of Consumer Protection’s Division of Liquor Control and the Branford Police Department partnered with two youth volunteers trained and provided by the Governor’s Prevention Partnership to conduct an undercover liquor compliance operation in town. 

Twenty-eight (28) businesses were checked for compliance with the State’s liquor law. Twenty-five (25) of these passed, but three (3) are alleged to have failed, by selling alcoholic liquor to one of the volunteer minors, aged 16 and 17. 

The three stores that are alleged to have failed may face administrative action before the Liquor Control Commission. They are:

·         Branford Wine and Spirits, 384 East Main Street

·         Carons Corner, 147 Montowese Street

·         The Crooked Shillelagh Pub, 576 Main Street

If an allegation of sale to a minor is found to be true, each of the stores may be called to appear before the Liquor Control Commission at an administrative hearing to address the charges, and could face administrative penalties.

“I commend the 25 permittees who passed this check, and I thank the Branford police for continuing to assist us in our efforts,” Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein said today. “Permittees are expected to take care not to sell alcohol to minors. Reducing youth access to alcohol can help to prevent needless tragedies.”


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