Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Reinstatement Information

Reinstatement Information:

  • A license may be reinstated online, provided a completed reinstatement application and all applicable fees are submitted not later than twenty-five (25) years after the date of expiration of the license.
  • If you have signed and sealed engineering or land surveying documents during the lapsed period you must provide the name, location and dates for all projects in which you signed and sealed documents.  Such applicants may be required to appear for a personal interview with the Board of Examiners or its administrator.

Licensees expired less than 5 years may submit the paper reinstatement application.  All others must reinstate online.

To download the paper reinstatement application, click on the link below:

To complete the reinstatement online:

  • Use your User ID and Password to access your account at
  • You may request your User ID and Password by emailing the following information to
  1. Name
  2. License Type
  3. License Number
  4. Email Address

Reinstatement of a license lapsed beyond five years is subject to Department/Board approval. 


Email for licensing inquiries:


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