Elevator Residential Stair Lift Technician Application Path

Residential Stair Lift Technician Application

Please attach the following documents to your application that are required to process and expedite your application. Applications submitted without the required documents will be returned as incomplete, which will delay the finalization of your application.  

Applying for a Residential Stair Lift Technician’s License:

  • Submit a copy of your original certificate of completion of the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Registered Trainee Program.
  • If you were never registered with the CT Department of Consumer Protection into the trainee program, please provide notarized letters from your employers demonstrating that you have experience performing residential stair lift work of no less than ten (10) new installations (five of which may have been completed during a manufacturer’s training program), and documentation of completion of a Department of Consumer Protection reviewed and approved training program of not less than twenty hours which shall include a review of applicable state and federal laws, codes, standards, and work site safety.

Guidance on Department of Consumer Protection Approved Training Programs:

Residential stair lift training programs of instruction shall include but need not be limited to manufacturers training on stair lifts, and a review of applicable state, federal laws, codes, standards, and work site safety requirements of not less than twenty hours related to residential stair lift work.


The manufacturer’s course must also include the specific Connecticut codes and standards pertaining to ANSI / ASME A18.1 See example outline below:


  • P.P.E
  • Who are we (manufacturer) and Manufacturer expectations
  • Future employer expectations
  • Consumer friendly work site atmosphere for future growth benefits for all
  • Installation tools
  • Trainer explanation and demonstration
  • Trainer installations methods of a stair lift
  • Connecticut codes and standards pertaining to ANSI / ASME A18.1
  • Trainer installations methods in various forms of home construction
  • Trainer repair and maintenance of a stair lift
  • Service work methods
  • Student installation practice sessions
  • Service schedule
  • Electrical test/commissioning equipment


Example manufacturers that have had a training program approved:


Acorn Stairlifts Inc. Certified Training Program

(Includes five (5) install credits towards installations required)

Tel: 888-563-0410 ext.1032   Fax: 407-650-1764


Acorn Stairlifts Inc., 7001 Lake Ellenor Dr. Orlando, Florida, 32809


Bruno Manufacturer Certified Training Program




Stannah Stairlifts Inc Certified Training Program

E-MAIL: stannah@stannah.com


(888) 645-7815


Harmar products and services. Certified Training Program

1500 Independence Blvd, Suite 220,

Sarasota, FL 34234

Phone: (941) 413-2993 or 1-888-766-4558