Landscape Architect Firms


The practice of landscape architecture or the offer to practice landscape architecture in this state by individual licensed landscape architects under a legal entity.


You must be registered with the Secretary of State in Connecticut as a domestic or foreign firm at the time of this application.

Required Documentation:   

A complete Licensee Responsible for Signing and Sealing Form signed by licensee and the firm for each individual.


New Application:

  • Legal entities (both in-state and out-of-state) must register their business with the CT Secretary of State’s Office prior to applying.
  • If your legal entity will provide other services in Connecticut in addition to architecture like engineering, land surveying or landscape architecture, you wish to apply as a Joint Practice.
  • NOTE: The legal entity name you choose should not include reference to services that you are not registered to offer in Connecticut.  For example: ABC Engineering and Landscape Architecture LLC will not be issued a registration for landscape architecture without also obtaining a registration for engineering.
  • Application fee of $80.00 is non-refundable.

apply_online  OR      Landscape Architect Firm Paper Application

Licensee Responsible for Signing and Sealing Form



All firm registrations expire on July 31st annually.  Annual renewal fee is $200.00.

Online Renewal Link


All firms can reinstate provided their registration has expired for less than 3 years.  Over 3 years would require a new application.

Online Reinstatement Link


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