Food Processors

Commercial food processors are regulated by the Department of Consumer Protection under the Connecticut Uniform Food and Drug Act.


  • Milk processors, regulated by the Department of Agriculture
  • Meat and poultry processors, regulated by the Food Safety Inspection Service of the USDA


  • Food processors are regulated and directly licensed by the Department of Consumer Protection. (Bottled water, frozen desserts and bakeries are all separately licensed and regulated by the Department.)  Please follow this link for the licensing page.
  • Wholesale processors of acidified and low-acid canned food must also register with the FDA. This registration is in addition to registration required under the Bioterrorism Act, above.
  • Both of the above federal registrations are free.
  • All food processors must comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) as adopted by Connecticut from the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act.


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