Analysis Report Provides Opportunities to Improve services ahead of 2022 retirements

The State of Connecticut has received a report from the Boston Consultant Group on an extensive analysis of opportunities for the state of Connecticut to improve its efficiencies while anticipating a wave of employee retirements by July 2022. The report fulfilled a legislative requirement from Public Act 18-81 to hire a national firm to study the risks and opportunities associated with the 2022 retirements. 


With over 8,000 executive branch employees eligible for retirement in the next year, the state faces significant challenges in our continuity of operations but also a unique opportunity to reinvent and modernize how we provide services to Connecticut residents.  


Under the leadership of Governor Lamont we’ve already made significant progress to improve the quality and efficiency of state government by moving more transactions online at the Departments of Motor VehiclesRevenue Services and Consumer Protection and by launching to provide a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and businesses.


The report goes on to mention a few significant issues that we’re happy to make sure you know DAS is already addressing. Some of these important efforts are:


Digitizing records: DAS along with a number of other state agencies have begun the process of scanning in documents to reduce the amount of paper needed to continue to the business of the state. Many forms continue to be moved online in an effort to reduce mail and streamline efficiencies.


Shrinking the state’s real estate footprint: Over the past two years, DAS has consolidated agencies that were in leased space into state-owned space to reduce overhead costs.  Additionally, DAS has sold buildings for redevelopment including 25 Sigourney Street and 55 Elm Street.


DAS HR Centralization: Our HR centralization has resulted in reduced time to fill positions, supported by our JobAps website – the online application system for state jobs.


DAS’ IT Optimization plan:A year-long process of building a new information technologyorganization which was covered in an earlier DAS blog post here.


The world is changing rapidly, and our government needs to move more quickly to transform how we operate to have the greatest positive impact on people’s lives. DAS is excited to continue the efforts we’ve already started and be a part of our State’s modernization efforts.


You can find a copy of the full report, and supplemental documents here [will insert link].