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CTHires FAQs

What is CTHires?

CTHires (Connecticut Helping Individuals and Employers Reach Employment Success) is the Connecticut Department of Labor’s comprehensive workforce development website. Accessible 24/7 at www.CTHires.com, it is the best way for Connecticut’s job seekers to find exciting new opportunities.

How does CTHires connect Individuals to available job opportunities?

CTHires offers an easily searchable database of job postings. You can search by location, occupation, industry, skills, salary, employer name, and more. Unlike many other popular job boards, the postings in CTHires are not taken from other job boards: they are entered directly into CTHires by Connecticut employers, or drawn directly from an employer’s website.

What services other than job search are available in CTHires?

CTHires also offers Career Tools that can analyze your unique skills and interests, as well as what is important to you in a job. If there is a skills gap, the system will direct you to available training programs that can help close that gap. In addition, CTHires offers labor market information for any local area, occupation or industry. You can compare current job postings with typical salaries and other detailed information.

How can CTHires assist you in creating an online résumé?

The Résumé Builder component of CTHires takes the guesswork out of creating a résumé. It organizes your, skills, employment history, education, and other information into a professional résumé for prospective employers. You can also import an existing résumé and use it to perform targeted job searches. In addition, CTHires features templates to help with cover letters, e-mail follow-up, and networking letters.

Is CTHires equipped with automated job search capabilities?

The Virtual Recruiter tool allows you to save a job search and run it regularly to find new job postings that match your search criteria. Job search results are sent to your CTHires message box, but can also be sent directly to your email or mobile phone (as a text message).

Does CTHires have Education and Training resources for me?

Yes. CTHires allows both job seekers and employers to find training providers and programs online, whether you need to fill a skills gap or prepare for a new career. You will be able to compare wages and placement rates for several jobs and careers, side-by-side.