For CHRO Current and Prospective Employees Only

This page hosts documentation and policies that apply to only CHRO current and prospective employees. Please note that if you are a member of the public and are looking to file a discrimination complaint, you should fill out our online inquiry form or contact one of our regional offices directly. 

CHRO Documents for Current and Prospective Employees
CHRO Handbook
CHRO Affirmative Action Internal Policy Statement
CHRO Professional Image Policy
CHRO Phone Use Policy


ADA/CFEPA Requests for Reasonable Accommodations Policies and Forms
CHRO Disability Discrimination Policy
Form 304 - CHRO Employee Reasonable Accommodation Request
Form 306 - CHRO Request for Medical Information
Form 307 - Essential Functions Assessment
CHRO Release of ADA/CFEPA Reasonable Accommodation


Internal Discrimination Complaint Procedure and Forms
CHRO Discrimination and Illegal Harassment Prevention Policy
CHRO Internal Discrimination Complaint Procedure
Form IDC-1 - CHRO Internal Discrimination Complaint Form